Monday, October 24, 2011

The Eighth Day of Halloween

for the Eighth Day of Halloween, it was skull day!

 i even had some help from my little assistant, Igor:
 alas, poor yorick

 ...I knew him well.

 tasted funny, as i recall.

since our original lanterns had, uh, run their course, and since i didn't have time to carve a replacement, we had to improvise with one of bebe's construction paper jack o'lanterns. i chose my favorite one of the bunch- it kind of reminds me cartman:

 alright, you know the drill. cue the spooky noises!



 (in a cartman voice- "hey! you guys! i brought you some skulls and sh*t!"



how many skulls did you get?

 eight! eight awesome skulls!

plus this great skull goblet (which daddy may re appropriate...)!

getting closer and closer! see you tomorrow night!

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