Friday, January 16, 2009

another, nother try

before bebe's third dinner with us, we got pumped up watching the celtics pre-game show.

got your cap on, beebs? whadda ya say, are the c's gonna get a win?

easy, easy! i was just kidding! of course they're going to win...

"shhh! donnie marshall is on!"
beatrix, why do you like the pre-game guy so much?

"he's a dream! he's smart, he's handsome, he knows basketball, and he's a snappy dresser!"
hmmm. i tend to find him a little too self-referential sometimes.

"bite your tongue!"

"i like the marshall plan, where he outlines everything we need to do to win-"

"plus, i learn things about the game i might not pick up on my own."
oh yeah? like what?

"well, if the guy you're defending against drops his shoulder and drives(like this), square up and plant your feet! outside the circle leon powe is a master! offensive foul every time. unless violet palmer is calling the shots. being blind is one thing, but being blind and creative, now that's something! just not something an nba ref should be. she's got quite the imagination."

wow. if only tommy heinsohn could hear you now, beebs.

"and what's with all the palming violations this year? these jokers are turning the game into auto racing. it's not about that kind of precision! basketball is a physical game! these million-dollar athletes are pampered enough- let 'em bump around a little! let's keep the ticky-tack calls to a minimum."

after the pre-game show, it was time for dinner.

the stage is set.

the victim awaits.

and she's off!

every time she puts the broccoli in her mouth she grimaces like it's sour tasting. but then right back in it goes.

i think she's in it for the carnage:

poor broccoli never stood a chance. well, onto the second course- rice!

unlike the broccoli, the rice could take a beating.

she could even go at it with two hands when she wanted.

some of it even made it up to her mouth. not necessarily in, but near...

"you can't handle that, broccoli! you just fall apart..."

"in fact, let's just move you down..."

"and out of sight."

"what broccoli? more rice, please."

and unlike the broccoli, you can stick rice to your face for a while, and when you're ready- there it is! just pluck it off and mash it into your mouth.

hey beebs, ready for some more veggies?


"i think i actually swallowed some of this stuff. can i have some water?"

she's pretty close to a mastery of the cup:

as far as i can tell, she doesn't even backwash.

and the aftermath of dinner #3:

great job, bebe! you're totally getting it! all over yourself. and the floor. and the counter. and the curtains...

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