Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ladies and Germs...

if you've been by the daily bebe, you may have noticed that the official ticker at the top of the page is announcing that beatrix marie is six months old today!!!!!! holy crap. really.

it's been a blur. i tend to think of bebe's existence in terms that are inclusive of her pre-birth status, even though it was hard at that time to think of that squirming thing in my wife's belly as an actual person. now that she's here and we're getting to know her, it's easier to look back at that time and say, "of course that was bebe doing all that kicking and hand waving!" i feel like the entire time- from when we first learned she was in there, to when she came out, and all of the time we've spent together since then- has flown by.

we've gone from restless nights to restless days, no drool to too much drool and back to maybe just a little drool, hair to less hair to more hair... and somewhere along the way we went from counting weeks to counting months, from wildly flailing to rolling over to sitting up (and spitting up), and from groping blindly to reaching with purpose and intent. she's almost doubled her birth weight and might stretch to about 2'4" tall. she shrieks, barks, growls, yelps, and jabbers. if you take something from her and she isn't done with it, she gets pissed- and she makes sure you know it. she giggles and laughs and chuckles, she really wants to walk, and she's started to try solid food! it's been an amazing, exhaustive, challenging, rewarding, and satisfying six months and more. i can't even imagine what the next six months will bring (but i can bet there will be some stinkier poop in there somewhere...).

hey, lookit you, you big girl!

hard to believe you're six months old! don't be so bummed about getting older- you have a lot to look forward to!

it's a big world out there, and it's opening up a little at a time as you grow...

you kind of look like a white baby notorious b.i.g. in this pic. east coast, represent.

ooh doo doo, little one.

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