Saturday, January 3, 2009

xmas #3

christmas #3 took place on sunday (yes, last sunday) and for x-mas 3.0 we had a visit at our house from great uncle chuck, great aunt karen, and bebe's great cousins james and carly. james had yet to meet beebs, so things were a little tense. what if they didn't like each other? that would be awkward. but before they got there, mems and teed arrived with bagels for the group, and with a hot pot of coffee brewing, we awaited the arrival of the greats and basked in the glow of mems-love, which it turns out, was not a fluke or one time occurrence...


teed gets in on the action. luckily there's plenty of bebe to go around.

nothing beats a snuggle.

when the rest of the family got there, we held our breath and made the last of the introductions...

we could tell bebe liked james right away, but she pretended to read a book, feigning disinterest. at five months old she's already a woman of the world. what a minx!

and then, when his focus was elsewhere, she took a good long look. bebe marie, you sly dog!

great uncle chuck is awfully sweet with the beebs. and she always seems right at home.

one of bebe's patented staring contests. what you got, U.C.? what you got?

one of our presents from great U.C. and company was a couple of scratch tickets. it was quickly revealed that mems had never scratched a scratch ticket. we all gaped openly, but i guess it's not such a weird thing.

what was a little weird was watching her scratch off winner after winner...

with james at her side to verify that she was, in fact, doing it right, mems scratched and scratched, and when she finally stopped her scratching, she had won ninety dollars!* beginner's luck? teed also won big and he never plays them either. he didn't hoot and holler each time he scratched off a winner, though.

*when mems went to cash her ticket in, the girl at the counter had to explain to her that she had not actually won ninety, but one-hundred and ten dollars...

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