Friday, January 9, 2009

holiday visitors from far away lands

when you're, like, so totally the cutest and most awesomest baby ever, people come from miles away to see you. in this case, it was sam dag, making the trip all the way from zurich! we were super glad to see him and bebe was delighted that in his mad rush to see everyone possible while he was stateside for the holidays, he made some time to come over and meet her. she had, of course , heard lots about him. and given the way she openly and shamelessly flirted with sam's dad, buddy, she was excited to meet the him and his brother. jake, if you're reading this- you're next on her list! and she has a thing for musicians, so watch yourself.

"hi sam!"

"daddy, he's tall."

during the introductions, bebe was enthusiastic...

but also kept things formal.

she insisted on a "pleased to meet you, sir." with a peck on the hand.

formalities out of the way, bebe kicked her socks off and cut loose.

so far bebe's judge of character has been impeccable. she sure knows the good ones when she meets them.

it was also nice to see how at ease sam was with her. his baby experience is limited, but he jumped right in with bebe and didn't look a hair out of place.

not many people, especially young guys with no prior baby experience, can handle a baby with the confidence that sam did.

and babies know when they're around someone like that. finally under this handsome devil's spell, bebe abandons all pretense. "shhh. don't talk. just hold me." oh, beebs.

thanks for making time for a visit, sam! we can't wait till next time!

we also got a visit from ade, our cousin currently stationed on the west coast. he makes time for a visit with bebe every time he's back east. they're getting to be old chums...

"hey ade!"

ade is also quite adept at handling the beebs.

here he demonstrates his "full head hold." watch out ade, mommy frowns upon picking bebe up by her head. just ask daddy.

bebe is very into exploring people's faces these days. that is to say, she enjoys slapping you in the face.

she's also very into watching people eat. for a few weeks now she's been watching mommy and daddy put food into their mouths and smiling. her favorite toy of late has been a plastic cup she holds in her two hands and raises to her lips.

she especially likes to watch daddy (and others, apparently) eat potato chips. someday soon, bebe, when mommy's not looking...

she can't for the life of her figure out where that stuff goes when you put it in there. and it stays in there! it doesn't come back up! she got a big kick out of playing the "disappearing potato chip" game. it might even be her favorite behind the "you hold me in your lap and i poop my pants-boisterously" game.
thanks for visiting guys!
and with that, we pretty much conclude our round of holiday posts. like mommy, i also relish two major events of 2008. and also like mommy, one is personal, and one is global.
on a personal level, my beloved boston celtics won an unprecedented seventeenth championship, and by dominating our rivals the lakers in the finals, no less!
on a global level, my daughter was born to the world amidst much hoopla and fanfare, forever changing this little planet we call "earth." look out world...

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