Sunday, January 4, 2009

x-mas continues...

when you're beatrix, your x-mas social obligations never seem to end! on sunday, after exchanging gifts with great uncle chuck and fam, we headed over to the durbs' place to see more of the family.

"again with the car seat? i'm getting to be a real pro at this." i don't know if i'd say that, bebe. but you are getting better.

when beatrix was born, she was the baby of the family for all of ten days. then her cousin thea was born. move over bebe!

this is bebe's introduction to thea and thea's aunt molly.

bebe tends to treat, each new person she meets, like something to eat. just a little holiday rhyme.

thea clearly does not like that sound of that. everyone's a critic.

in the end, they settled on a firm, but friendly, handshake.

we got to see lots more of the family, eat some delicious food, and watch the patriots win their last game of the season, just in time for the jets to throw theirs and keep us out of the playoffs.
this was the only other pic i took because occasionally i like to enjoy and participate. not often, but every once in a while...

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