Friday, January 2, 2009

xmas #2

we got home from mems' and teed's on christmas evening. i had to work the next day, so on saturday we went to see grampa glennie, mams, and the aunties. we didn't get to see uncle seth because we didn't get there in time (he had to places to go), but he's making a trip to our house and i'll post that soon. car rides mean cool hats:

"are we playing dress-up? i love to play dress-up!"

"this is not what i had in mind..."

as usual, beatrix and her auntie ashley latched on to one another.

uncle trevise's baby phobia persisted, but at least we got him to stand near her this time (hands tucked safely into pockets).

and of course, when everyone's guard was down, mams swept into the fray and snatched bebe up.

she was fascinated by auntie's nail polish...

and grampy's beard! this was the christmas of bebe's branching out. first it was mems, and now grampa glennie. grampy was so excited when he found out we were having bebe, and then when she was born he seemed even more excited. but each time we visited, the girls took up all of bebe's "good" time, and by the time grampy got a turn to hold her she was fussy and ready to go. they never seemed to be on the same page and all he ever got was an ornery baby with little or no interest. well, talk about making up for lost time:

she wouldn't take her eyes off of him.

and just to show that it wasn't all about that beard, she gave some snuggles. what a sweetheart!

aaaannnd then it was back to the beard. it was nice to see them finally spend some quality time together, hopefully the first of many times to come.

we got some great presents, and bebe cleaned up, as one might expect. mommy's going to post some of bebe's favorite presents over at the almost-daily bebe sometime soon.

we've got a few more holiday events to cover so stay tuned...

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