Tuesday, January 6, 2009

uncle seth (x-mas part ?)

couple of notes about the last post before we get to this next one:

my last post was my one-hundredth post! a most auspicious occasion, to be certain. though, when i proclaimed this to my wife, she looked at me quizzically, then said "i don't even remember what my one-hundredth post was. or what it was about." welllllll, we can't all be daily blogger superstars, now can we? sometimes we need "poor performers" around to make some of us look good.

you're welcome, hunney.

secondly, she wanted me to point out that bebe is still getting up twice a night, not once, as reported. i believe that the first wake up is for the feed, while the second is the supposedly unnecessary wake up we could skip if bebe didn't nurse. sorry about that folks. i'm not sure when she's up or how often because my fuzzy little nipples do not produce milk that could feed our daughter. if they did, i would gladly get up and partake of the intensely personal bonding experience that women are designed to have with their children, a la breast feeding, that we fathers are designed to be excluded from.

sure, we get to punish the children when they're a little bit bigger (i have to admit, i've been practicing so i'll be ready...) but does that really compare to nature's snack pump? and since we're talking about "mother" nature, can anyone say "sexism?" i'm made to (mostly) sleep through the night while my wife becomes closer and closer to the miracle of life that is our daughter with every suckle at the teet they share. nice. thanks for that. when bebe's thirteen and we're not close and she hates me, i'm blaming our lack of personal connection on my manliness. maybe i should just stop working out. stop fixing things around the house? i'm at a loss here.

anyway, on to the post- as mommy pointed out in her blog, we missed uncle seth when we saw the fam for x-mas, so he came to our house to hang out:

"hiyo, uncle seth. how's it goin'?"

just like before, bebe marie is totally at ease with her uncle.

maybe it's because he and daddy are so much alike?

that must be it!

except for one crucial difference... uncle seth has that fun beard to grab! if only you had known daddy before you were born, beebs...

the smiles with the tongue sticking out are new. and awesomely spectacterific.

this is back when she first noticed that scraggly thing hanging from his chin...

an initial inspection...



and further examination.

this is her being coy.

"y'know, daddy, maybe you should grow the beard back..."


and as she's been doing with all of her visitors, the x-mas snuggle check.

uncle seth is just right.

thanks for coming to visit uncle seth! and thanks for the presents!
love you...

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