Wednesday, April 15, 2009

easter weekend extravaganza: part I

alrighty, folks. limber up, we've got a lot of ground to cover here! get your mouse on the "scroll" arrow and don't let up till we get to the bottom! ready? here we go!

as mommy mentioned on her blog, we drove out friday night, hoping to replicate a scenario we had tried a while back: leave at bebe's bed time, get her to sleep the entire way out to her mems' and teed's house, then do a quick and quiet transfer of baby to crib and let the sleep continue uninterrupted. ha ha ha ha ha! bebe had other plans. they involved waking completely up and being so freaking cute that we couldn't even think about coaxing her to bed until after midnight. every time we thought she was winding down, she would rally and beam and smile at everyone as if to say "nuh-uh, no way." and then maybe "WHEEEEEEEEEE!"

and of course, she was up bright and early saturday morning. we headed down to the tv room to play, and since we had brought along all of her clinically designed, psychologically tested "child" toys, she ignored them all and went straight for the golf balls. don't tell teed.

granted, she seemed more intent on eating them, than playing with them.

after a thankfully long morning nap, she was ready for some lunch:

the beginnings of the scrunchy "sparkle" face.

a little later, she got down on the floor to play with mommy. there was a lot of room to crawl around.

these windows were perfect for beebs. she spent a lot of time licking the glass and peering out through her own spittle to the bright world beyond...

"does this floor make my thighs look big?"

she's really craning her neck to see who's coming... who could it be?

heyyyyy! it's aunt marge!

it's hard to resist a bare chalunkalunk.

aunt marge looks on as bebe delivers some snuggles to her mommy. don't worry, aunt marge. you'll get yours. bwu ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

"hey everybody! i think i found my butt! it's... nope, lost it. it was right here a second ago..."

testing the locks...

yup, tight as a drum.

"breaking out of this place is gonna take some real effort. i'm going to have learn to stand, then walk, then learn how to unlock doors... i suppose i'll have to have some money, but before that i'll have to have some understanding of what money is and how it's used... i'll need pants..."

"or i can give up and play patty-cake."

or not.

"well aunt marge, it's been swell."

"buuuut, the swelling's gone down so it's time for me to go."

"just kidding. the swelling's back. must be something i ate..."

"i just want you to know, that no matter what happens we'll always be friends..."

the rest of saturday was spent running erands and not taking naps (if you were bebe). all weekend long, in fact, she skipped her second nap. she'd cry for a while, and when it became apparent that she wasn't going to sleep any time soon, mommy would go get her and bring her back to her adoring public. and to her credit, she stayed happy and bright and didn't act crabby one bit. she didn't even act overtired at all, which quite frankly unnerved me. her proclivity for social interaction is cause for concern. sure, mommy would love a well rounded child with the ability to interact with others and function properly in society, but daddy had other ideas. i was thinking "mime" school, and perhaps a basement apartment somewhere isolated. i guess we really do live the lives we wish we had through our children. *sigh*

lunch easter sunday consisted of sweet-potato fries and some tofu, with a splash of prune juice.


"i've got a sweet-potato fry in one hand, and my tasty fist in the other."

"what a dilemma! which one should i eat first?"

"actually, if i cram this fry in far enough, i'm bound to get a bonus finger or two..."

"whoa! it just sprang open! it went from being a small little knot of fingers to this wavy..."

"ahhh! and now it's closing again!"

"oh. hi. was i 'thinking' out loud again? whoops. heh."

"you gotta admit, it's pretty mid blowing, though.i mean, just think about it..."



"doin' it again, aren't i?"

"say, mother! what the hell's in these fries anyway!"


uncle ben stopped by to check in.

"i can't feel my feet. are they still there? hello?"

"oh, hey uncle ben!"

"is that an oakland A's shirt?"

"giambi's a juicer. totally."

um, how about some prune juice? it's your fave! (i felt a distraction was in order. she was gearing up to attack their lack of "utility-type" players. i could just feel it.)

"glurp...glurp...what...glurp....happens when you...glurp...start running...glurp...into injuries?"
damn, too late.
as he walked away i swear i could uncle ben saying 'you don't know. you're just a baby. you... you don't know...'

she loves to make a prune juice goatee:

"quick, who am i?"
um, ozzie guillen?
"ooohhh, good guess! he's a big baby! but no."


"okay, okay. i'll give you a hint! ready? Quadzilla."
oh, you gave it away! you're jason varitek!


gratuitous dessert shot. are you kidding? mems is the real deal when it comes to our meals. um, boo yaa?

oh, ho. the easter bunny came!

break for nature:


bebe got right to work in her easter finery.

"alright, easter bunny. just sit tight and ACT NATURAL. all you have to do to get outta this unharmed is tell me where your pot of gold is..."

beebs, the easter bunny isn't the one with a pot of gold. you're confusing him with a leprechaun.

"well, i'm only a freakin' baby! somebody point me in the right direction, will ya'? sheesh!"

mommy got snuggles in her easter basket.

bebe attempts to regain the attention of the room:

"i'm a cute bayyyy-beeeee!"

oh, hi beatrix!

mems looks on...

bebe looks at mems, looking on...

"man, holidays are awesome. you get so many presents! my favorite holiday is every time we go to mems' and teed's!"

"uh, is any of that chocolate for me?"

teed dodges his close-up. he's been taking lessons from auntie jamie!

one last snuggle before easter dinner?

uncle ben, all easter'd out...

sometime in the next twenty-four hours- easter part II!

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