Friday, April 10, 2009

she just got some legs...

the other night i came home to find my little lady traipsing about in a state of lower extremity nudeness. well almost nude. she did have socks on. anyway, i thought my head would about explode from sheer cuteness overload. i can't imagine what the summer will be like...



two calves and a knee pit.

a calf and a little thigh/knee pit.

knee, shin.

a calf, two knees, and the return of the doo-doo rainbow snake.

the full monty (as it were) with bonus gang sign.

knee, shin, and rare glimpse of rear upper quad. we really only see the quads in the tub, folks...

knee, calf.

here we have a prime shot of the calf/shin area, in profile no less. and i'd like to direct your attention to the above-knee fat roll, both front and back (or top and bottom, whichever your inclination).

in parting, some action shots:

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