Tuesday, April 21, 2009

long weekend

let's start with some standing, shall we? bebe finally figured out that the couch is the ideal height for getting herself up on her feet. and then it was only a matter of time before she'd start using it to move back and forth along its length. she can't really get at anything so it loses its allure pretty quickly, but she does like being on her feet.

"hey guys? i think i found a piece of popcorn..."

we had a lot of the weekend to ourselves since mommy had some schoolwork to do. that was okay by us. right bebe?

"it's just you and me?"

"the whole weekend?"


"you do realize that it's a three day weekend, don't you?"

yes, and i think we'll be fine. don't you?


c'mon! i'm the fun one! i'll let you stick your fingers in some power sockets if you eat all of your breakfast.


"and just what exactly is this that i'm eating?"


"and i say again, what exactly is this that i'm eating?"

"i might rather just chew on my feet."

um, your feet are pretty dirty.



"and i say again, i might rather just chew on my feet."

"well, that's cruel. i can't even get to them from here."

"tofu it is then."

in truth, beebs loves tofu. but not quite as much as she loves prune juice. if prune juice came as a forty oz., she'd be chillin' on the stoop drinking it out of a bottle wrapped in a paper bag, all damn day. five-o! hang em' low...

i love the pruney little juice 'stash she gets.

"this tofu needs some prune juice."


"bar keep! another round of this fine, fine quaff!"

that fine, fine quaff, as you so call it, will have you pooping for a day straight if you over do it.

"you don't say?"

"poop. for days. straight."


"iiiiiii'm just gonna pour the last of this out. for all my dead homies."

"there it goes."

"all the way down there. drink up homies. hey, i found a cheerio!"

after breakfast we chased the cat around for a little while. to everyone's surprise, he was in a playful mood.

tiny seriously gets the "best cat ever" award. he lets her grab handfuls of his fur, pull his tail, get right up in his face and screech... and the harshest thing he's ever done is run away.

after that, we had a snack and watched a little of the sox game till mommy came home.

bebe offered to share her cracker...

she thought it was pretty funny that mommy ate what was left.

or did she? don't worry beatrix. we'll get you another cracker.

and finally, bebe takes an avid interest in something scientifically designed expressly for babies:

however, it's still not one of her toys. instead, she's become fixated on her car seat. she hates being put in the thing, but loves to empty it out and play with the buckles.

on second thought, maybe she's just studying it

...so she can make a quick escape some day!

bad bebe! bad, bad bebe!

"so you press these together, then release the middle buckle. slide off the shoulder harness, hit this button here..."

checking the scores on sports center.

the hardest working pigs in... well, i'm not sure what. but they're pretty hard working.

trying on daddy's hat.

fat back.

one more shot of those peppertonis...

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