Tuesday, April 14, 2009

fun at the park

last weekend we woke up to a nice sunny day and decided to take bebe out for a walk. we ended up going to a park a little ways from our house. i hadn't been to the park with beebs yet since most of the time she goes during the day with her friend nora jane. i had heard accounts of her squealing on some swings and slides, but had yet to confirm this.

not so sure that hat's gonna' work for today. let's see what else we've got.

ah, that's the ticket. i think that one will stay in place a little better.

we know she has long limbs, but seeing her in the baby swings really drives the point home. look at those long legs!

unfortunately she was swinging into the sun the whole time, but it was actually cuter, i think. she squinted her little eyes shut and shrieked with delight each time. i think she was scaring the kids next to us.

she managed to kick off a shoe in the process.


whew. that was entertaining for everyone!
after the swings we hit the slide:

after dominating on the swings, bebe was just as impressive on the slide, but her form was a little lacking. i started thinking of some drills i could run with her next time we come. she'll be sliding like a winner in no time.

you've come... well, you've come a little way bebe.

and if bebe isn't being charming and making friends, then she's just not being herself. so of course she made a friend at the playground.

and she always gives out the snuggles once she gets to know you.

these ladies look like characters on a buddy-cop drama movie poster. the tag line might read:

"in a city where evil lurks in every shadow, two women stand tough against the tyranny of the wicked. can they make it against all odds, with only each other to believe in? beatrix sparkle* and mommy burgilbank* star in 'La Leche es Negro.' coming soon to a theatre near you!"
*stage names

oh, there's my smiling ladies. must have gotten good reviews.

bebe gives the best smooches. and by 'gives' i mean that she stands perfectly still, cheek exposed, and allows you to just kiss and kiss. let's take a closer look:

ooh doo doo.

mommy gets awful dramatic at the playground. must be the lighting...

"daddy, from this angle you're going to have lens flare all over the place."

this soft squishy surface takes some getting used to, but it's fun to crawl around on.

bebe turns her back on the sunset.

"just tell me when it's over."

"is it over yet?"

ok, beebs. time to go!

be seeing ya'.


"very funny, you guys, very funny. guys?"

"it's going to take me hours to crawl home..."

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