Monday, April 13, 2009

yikes: a note from all of me, to all of you

for anyone that was keeping tabs, last week was a really good week for me, blog-wise. i went seven for seven, all week long. i had fully intended to keep it going, using the momentum of last week to carry me onward... and then easter happened.

on average, i probably take about four-hundred pictures of beatrix in a month. there are some months with a little more, and some with a little less. even in the month of march, with my camera being fixed, i still managed to get just about four-hundred pics. obviously not all of those make it to the blog, and for a number of reasons: they suck, they're redundant, etc.

anyway, over easter weekend, saturday morning through sunday afternoon, i took four-hundred and forty three pics. when i loaded them for editing, i though it was a mistake. i certainly didn't remember taking that many. but sure enough, that was the right number. i hit my monthly average in about thirty-six hours! so, needless to say, it's going to take a little time to sort through all of those.

i would really love to be posting pics instead of a bunch of boring words, but i felt like i should drop a note to, at the very least, keep that momentum going. i had posts scheduled for tomorrow and wednesday, so if you check back there will be more of the buttery goodness you've come to expect from our little lady, and hopefully the easter stuff will be up by the end of the week...

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