Thursday, September 4, 2008

first trip to the esplanade!

on wednesday (my favorite addams family character), we went downtown to the esplanade along the charles river. it was bebe's first ride on the T, first time being out and about downtown, first time being naked in public (not the last?)... but we're getting a little ahead of ourselves.

on tuesday, beatrix was a total champ as she not only tolerated the car ride home from pittsfield, but also tolerated being thrown back in the car just a few short hours later to be taken and shown off at mommy's school bbq. she was uncharacteristically social considering that the event fell within her 'rage and inconsolability' time of day. she was gawked at, gave out some smiles, and pawed by many of mommy's colleagues. daddy watched happily as bebe was touched repeatedly on her exposed skin by strangers who had most definitely not washed their hands first. mommy was practically weeping tears of alcohol-based sanitizer, but she kept it together until we could get bebe away from her adoring masses.

one of the keys to a happy social outing is a quick feed in the car before hand. the other key is to leave daddy at home. one out of two ain't bad.

one of the keys to a smooth ride home after an abundant amount of over-stimulation is a quick feed in some cool, dark, dusty room in a big, old, historic house. the other is to have mommy do the driving, as daddy tends to drink rather heavily at these events. two for two on this one.

driving home we saw the coolest clouds. it's like massachusetts is welcoming us home from rhode island...

alright! on to the esplanade! bebe wasn't sure what to expect.

she waited, guarded and apprehensive...

thoroughly unimpressed with newbury street. ho-hum. she did ask me at one point why so many of the girls had orange skin, and where their babies were, on account of all their breasts being so big and visible. i told her they were close by, i was sure.

side note: for almost an entire summer, at the head of newbury street on the corner of newbury and mass ave, was a sign that had been made to look like the direction signs pointing to historical monuments or points of interest. upon closer inspection, in nice, professional looking type with an arrow pointing down the street it said simply "Shit I don't need and women I can't afford."

pigs in a blanket.

hey, we made it!

that's what i'm talking about. although social anarchy always struck me as a bit of a paradox. you're anarchists! you don't hold meetings! you don't 'organize!'

we found a nice shady spot to have a snack.

it was a beautiful day, cool in the shade with a nice breeze. there were lots of boats in the water, but beatrix only had eyes for mommy's boob.

after her lunch, we thought we'd take a peek at her diaper. curiosity killed the cat, and maybe a nearby bird or two- bebe had over-filled her pants with poop, and was really excited about it.

it ain't the riviera, but every once in a while the charles enjoys some topless sun bathing.

we had to change her outfit (it was that messy), and following boston tradition, we threw our human waste into the river. unfortunately, something in the river threw it back out at us. i guess that's what tradition gets you- fish with bad attitudes. and arms.

the baby bjorn is great, but this is mostly what i get to see of my daughter while we walk around town. and i can't even smooch her smelly little baby head on account of this hat.

headed back to the train, mission accomplished!

she hates to be stationary in her car seat. she probably also hates the fact that daddy will let her cry so he can get some pictures of her being uncomfortable.

after a while though, the idea that daddy would let her "suffer" for his "art" actually makes her a little incredulous.

"daddy, seriously. are you f-ing kidding me?!?"

jeeze, i love this kid.

coming up next- The Beach! stay tuned, true believers...

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