Thursday, September 11, 2008

hey hey hey! it's ashley's b-day!

happy birthday, auntie ash! hard to believe, but ashley elizabeth is twenty-three years old today!

from humble (and slightly squished looking) beginnings...

while her singing voice isn't so hot she- well, she can't play the piano either. no where to go with this one...

those pig tails are a large part of why i'd hoped for a girl of my own. and i have to say it still feels weird to write stuff like that. a girl of my own? really? wow.

she had a short dance career:


...and music video style.

when ash started pre-school, she'd go to the pre-school at my high school. my high school was shaped like a closed 'H' so that there were two courtyards, one of which was where she had her recess. occasionally she would be out at recess during a class change for me and i could stop by the enclosure and look for her. when she spotted me she'd drop what she was doing and run over to where i was, huge smile on her little face. there were windows that opened about a foot off of the ground and i can remember getting down to that open window and sticking my hand through so she could grab it as she squealed my name. i'd have to say that was the best part of high school for me, easy. that kid made my day, every time.

i'm thankful that over the years we're as close as ever, and that goes for all my siblings. we hang out and i just laugh and smile the whole time. except when the camera comes out, apparently.

ash and i watch every celtic game we can together, and text furiously when we can't be in the same room. hey, remember when the celtics won the championship? now that was a good year. something else happened that year too, but i can't remember what it was...

holy crap baby sister, i love you so much! i hope you have a great birthday!

bebe marie says 'happy birthday, auntie ashley!'

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