Saturday, September 20, 2008

two for one (post #2)

aaaaannnnndddd, it just so happens that on the same date jamie was born, somebody else near and dear to us was also born:

that's right, muffy the dog! just kidding. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMS!

man, how's that for a birthday present! and since we lost the receipt, we couldn't take her back or exchange her. years later, here we are.

i'm not going to ruin this with a lot of blather (i know, first time!). let's just let some of these pictures do the talking:

yeah, it's a hat. with a feather in it.


four kids and decades later, she's still got the same body! sort of. way to take one for the team, mommy. but look at her, she looks like a bond girl! eat your heart out, ursula andress...

me and my mom. i was nothing but a bundle of colic when i was born. my dad was going to school at UNH at the time, and the only way to get me to sleep would be to put me in my car seat and drive me around the campus. mom got to know all of the security guards and they'd watch her, night after night, driving me around at three in the morning. thanks for not dumping me in the river, mom. i'm sure you were tempted.

me and my mom. and some fish. yuck.

taking a wintry walk in the years b.j.b. (before jamie beth)

i can say with total confidence that i was the only kid in the neighborhood with a sailor suit and lederhosen. and still am today.

the family, mams with baby on board. mams used to give me haircuts at home. here i am with the 'amelie.'

yup, that's my mom. the one drinking two beers.

i sure love you mommy. thanks for being so great, and thanks for being such a great grammie to beatrix.


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