Sunday, September 21, 2008

what weekend?

wow, this weekend flew by! i guess they all do, these days. it was another two days of trying to figure out how to get beatrix to sleep for longer than a half hour at a time. there were some successes, and there were some setbacks. the cream we got for the rash on her face seems to be working, and she's scratching at herself a lot less. the stuffies, however, have not abated. this is in spite of the nightly humidifier, the saline up the nose, and the allergy diet mommy has been on. it could take a while for any of those things to take hold, and we're willing to be patient, but there's nothing worse than having your baby choke/suffocate in your arms and being helpless to stop it. it's pretty terrible. anyway, saturday mommy and bebe went to visit her aunties kate and alden. they had a surprise for bebe: they're getting engaged! she was very excited as has already picked out her outfit, which she will of course not fit into by the time the wedding rolls around. growth spurts are a bitch, bebe.

before mommy and the beebs head out, they play a game called 'toe kisses.' it involves laying bebe against mommy's legs, head at the top, and taking bebe's feet and kissing them. pretty simple, and it cracks bebe up. it also helps gets things moving in the waste disposal unit. after a round of toe kisses it's usually time to change the diaper.

looking at bebe's head from the back is like those pictures they have of the sun, with jets of flame shooting from the surface and out into space. in bebe's case, it's just a couple long hairs.

after mommy and bebe got back from auntie kate's and auntie alden's, daddy took bebe out for a walk in her stroller, hoping to keep her asleep for a while. bebe has been slacking in the sleep dept. and racking up the 'f's' in naptime class. this is the only characteristic of hers so far that lends doubt to her actual origins. mommy and daddy love to sleep. well, they used to anyway.

'must wake up! must look at stuff. and cry. fight! fight! must... must...'

'too strong... the motion of the stroller, too strong... can't... stay... awake...'

daddy was able to get her to sleep for about two hours. it's a good thing there are so many quiet, pretty side streets in jp. daddy knows them all by now. on sunday, it was time to go to grammie and grampie's for the family birthday party! if you've been paying attention, you'll have noticed that all of my siblings and my mom have september birthdays, with my (oldest) younger sister jamie and my mom born on the same date!

so, beebs, you're all dressed up.

'yes. i'm ready for the party. got my tights, got my dress... ready to go.'
great- let's just buckle you into your car seat there and then we can get going.

'whoa, hey, whoa- nobody said anything about being strapped into this thing. you know i'm not cool with that...'

'i gotta get the hell outta this thing. crap, i can't even roll over yet. well, this is just great. i thought i was just hanging out here until it was time to go. i thought one of you'd pick me up and...'

' daddy, mommy's still in the bathroom. there may still be time- let's see... aha! hide me in the piano, she'd never think to look there!'
beebs, you know i can't do that.
'et tu, brutus?'
you know what, stop being so dramatic. besides, you're going to fall asleep as soon as we get rolling anyway. you won't even know where you are!

'i, i think you may be right. in fact, i feel a little tired now. yes, yes i'm getting sleepy.'

'strap me in! what are you waiting for! maybe i'll even poop in my pants!'
dare to dream, beatrix. dare to dream.

she sure loves her auntie ashley. she always has a smile ready.

auntie jamie gets one too.

and once again, grammie was a baby-hog. it was her birthday, so we let it go. but sooner or later she's going to have to learn to share...


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