Friday, September 5, 2008

welcome, welcome!


first, some test shots to assure members of the audience that what they are seeing is in fact only an optical illusion:

alright then. nothing up my sleeve...

whoa- where'd that come from?

bebe is kind of into hyperspace

...but also a little scared of it at the same time. good for you, beebs. technology is not your friend.

fresh back from mercury, fully tanned and irradiated.

we had her x-rayed. all baby, all the way through.

she's soooo cute, imagine if she was twins! siamese twins!

shouldn't have had that extra glass of wine while pregnant, mommy...

that's it for today, ladies and gents. don't forget to come back for our next show!

just for reference, here's a shot from the last time we fired up the laptop cam, taken about seven weeks ago:

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