Friday, September 5, 2008

oh boy, another post!

we went for a walk in the arnold arboretum this afternoon. we had originally thought about going to forest hills cemetary but decided against it in the end.

bebe and daddy practicing their secret shake.

another walk? oh, crap.

i'm pretty sure that child psychology 101 teaches us that to get kids to do something they're not totally crazy about doing, we should force something worse on them, and then offer the lesser of the two evils as a welcome alternative. not crazy about the walk? i know, the bumbo!

she is totally confused. hey beebs, ready for that walk?

please, anything but the bumbo.

h'okay, then! we're ready to go!

the arboretum is really beautiful in the spring and early summer when it hosts both the cherry blossoms and the lilac festival, respectively.

she even stayed awake this time!

it's just so nice to live in a city and have access to all of the things that living in a city affords you- like homeless people and crime, and also tons of green space, all at the same time.

beatrix stops for a quick snack and a burp.

then it's back in the bjorn and headed home! to where the bumbo lives.

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