Wednesday, September 3, 2008


beatrix marie's uncle seth turns twenty-one today! it's hard to believe that the last baby i spent any amount of time taking care of is all growed up today! let's take a quick look back, shall we?

seth was born early ( we all were ), and for a short while we weren't sure if he was going to make it.

eventually he came home, and the hell-raising began...

seth was a natural athlete from the time he could stand on his own. he was throwing perfect spirals with the football before he was big enough to get his hand around the ball, and he always swung for the fences (and made them) with a bat that was twice as big as he was tall. he played soccer on teams all over town, as well as the high school team. he was usually the best player on the team, and whatever he lacks in given ability ( which is not much), he makes up for with heart.

he takes some shit for being the baby of the family, but his mommy always stick up for him.

happy birthday, baby brother. i love you a lot

and so does bebe.

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