Thursday, July 15, 2010

bebe's big birthday day! pt 4: birthday party!

if you're ever a cake, and you're being baked by mommy, please do your best to slide right out of the cake pan. otherwise...

i think bebe's enthusiasm for Darth Vader stems from her own mother's trips to the dark side.

anyway, after nap, it was time to head to morrie's house to await the birthday party guests. this meant that the birthday buddies had first crack at the balloons:

and morrie's new work bench:

morrie is bursting with excitement!

to keep the kids calm, we suggested they chop vegetables until people started arriving.

"lookit me! i'm playing the corn horn! toooooooooot! woohooo!"

"huh. i didn't realize you could do that with corn. interesting."

soon the guests began to arrive.

the place filled up quick and was fastidiously and systematically destroyed, in totality.

serious teamwork going on at the workbench.

after the grown-ups had eaten enough dinner, it was time for the main event. bebe and morrie removed their shirts and took their places of honor in anticipation of the moment we (they) had all been waiting for.

cake time.

as you can see here, morrie has already expertly removed the fire from his cake, and is ready to proceed. bebe, however, is not as proficient at what we would all call 'blowing.' her version usually entails a highly enthusiastic run-up, followed by spittle shot sideways out of her tooth gap, and finally culminating in not much at all. except maybe moist shoulders. she got this one eventually, and maybe with a little help. A for Affort!

my favorite part of the party was when we brought out the cake, placed it in front of the kids, let everyone get a good look at it, then promptly removed it again. suckers.

of course, it was only to cut it up and give it back to them.

i think it's pretty safe to say that everyone had a great time. and also a wicked sugar buzz. right before bedtime. you're welcome!

bebe's daddy and the birthday boy!

at the end of the night, bebe wedged herself into this hiding spot and cackled maniacally while morrie's dad ben 'looked' around for her.

by that time, morrie was kind of done playing around. he just chilled. thought about stuff. contemplated, ruminated, reflected. you know how it is. oh, hey there morrie. what's poppin'?

super thanks to morrie and his mom and dad for hosting the party! it's safe to say that number two was a smashing success! Happy Birthday, Bebe and Morrie!

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