Monday, July 12, 2010

playground with teed

i've got not one, but two pretty packed weekends to get through- for both the fourth of july weekend and this past weekend we were out at mems' and teed's place, and the social schedule was filled to bursting. summer is usually a pretty busy time of year for us, but this is getting a little ridiculous. luckily, we love being at their house, especially when they're around to hang out with us!

we kicked off the fourth of july weekend festivities with a trip to our new favorite playground with teed!

bebe led the way and we followed closely behind.

i'm happy to report that my daughter did not just follow a path because it was there. she instead saw a more direct route and made her own way to the waiting swings.

when we got there, teed was eager to push. afterwards, we knew why:
'and there you go- my work is done!'

'this isn't so hard.'
(we had to explain to him that swinging with bebe requires more than just one push.)

after we pointed out the above sign and a mild threat to lock him up,

he was rededicated to swinging.

swinging is hard work, even if you're just getting pushes the entire time. snack break.

testing the integrity of the wiggle bridge.

'y'know bebe, i don't know if you know this, but i'm a lawyer. if you were to say, hurt yourself, on this wiggly, unsafe play structure, there could be some lucrative returns in it for you.'

"oh yeah? like what?"

'you like dumptrucks, right?'


'how'd you like a few of your own? REAL dumptrucks. i could get you a couple different colors... maybe even throw in a digger, or an excavator?'

"a digger? cool! where should i fall down? how about on this nail over here?"

we had a great time playing with teed, and even capped it off with a little smacker:


after a hard morning of playing, the mango kids decided to head home for lunch.

there they go!

but wait! there's more!
teed told us that there was a little airport nearby, and if we went there, we might be able to see some PLANES. LANDING. AND TAKING OFF! bebe was pretty excited, but once we got there, it was a little more difficult to discern who we were really there for.

we saw so many planes overhead that we thought for sure some would land, and we'd be there to see it!

we waited.

and waited. but none came, and as it got closer to lunch time, we had to go home to mems' and teed's house. maybe next time?

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