Thursday, July 15, 2010

bebe's big birthday day! pt3: birthday walk!

holy moly did we ever have grand plans for the day! first off, i took the day off from work (like last year) so we could spend some family time together. originally we wanted to go to the beach (like last year) but the weather forecast was predicting rain and thunderstorms, so we said no to that. next up was a proposed trip to the children's museum, but then there was an issue with the cakes mommy was making (more on that in part 4) so we found ourselves tight on time.

in the end we decided on lunch downtown with a stop at the library to pick out some new books. when it was time to get dressed and head out, bebe ended up in a pair of her birthday buddy morrie's shorts, a new t-shirt courtesy of daddy, and her new pink one-stars from auntie ash. slap some pigtails into the mix and what you end up with is a little atom bomb of cuteness:

the kid is ready to roll!


since it was raining a tiny bit, she insisted on pulling the hood down over her entire upper body. i'd have said that it was too bad because people couldn't see how cute she was, but if all they saw were those knees and pink sneaks, then they were getting the general idea. and it's for the best. we don't want to kill anybody with how awesome she is.

when we got to the kid's room at the library it was pretty empty. we were able to pick out books and sit right on the floor to read:

like a kid in a candy store.

mommy and i disagree frequently on pretty much everything (i just do it out of principal, i don't know what her excuse is), but one thing we agree on is how great it is that our daughter loves books. aside from construction vehicles, they're her favorite things.

getting a better view of the top shelves:

while mommy picked some books for us to take home, bebe and daddy wandered around the big kids' section.

it didn't take long to find a book on Star Wars

...and the search for Darf Nader was on!
(we eventually found him)

then after a short walk, it was time for lunch!

talking over the menu with mommy.

she chose pasta with sauce.

i don't know how many of you reading this have taken kids out to eat at restaurants, but it's a huge rip-off. you pretty much have three choices for the entree: chicken fingers, hot dogs, or pasta. the safest bet for our kid is the pasta- we know she'll eat it and there's the least likely chance that there's something she'll be allergic to in it. with chicken fingers, there's usually a little more to them, and you get a bunch, so it feels like the most economically sound option. but if you get either of the other two, you're basically paying for the plate itself (which they technically give you for free anyway), and the lone food item. one isolated weiner (anyone looking for good band names?) will run you at least six bucks. sure, there's a bun. whatever. and the pasta is the same thing- a handful of rotini and about thirty cents worth of sauce gets blown up to seven ninety-five or some shit. what's up with that? here's an idea: open a restaurant that caters mostly to kids with a few adult meals/portions on the menu. keep the meals healthy but tasty, and the portions realistically sized and rationally priced. you would make a fortune.

after lunch it was a mad dash home for nap time, because after nap it was party time!!!

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