Thursday, July 15, 2010

bebe's big birthday day! pt.1: birthday cake!

i'm not finished with the posts from the last two weekends, but i wanted to interrupt history for today to present bebe's second birthday festivities. as tradition stands, bebe has a rigorous and demanding birthday celebration schedule, starting with a party at mems' and teed's house over the second weekend of july (more on that shortly), followed by her actual birthday (more on that almost immediately), and culminating on the following weekend with grammie and grandpa glen and the aunties and uncles (more on that futuristically)!

since it's such a momentous occasion (and mommy would be blogging it right away), i wanted to get my coverage up as soon as possible. mommy wrote a wonderful summation of our beautiful daughter over at her blog (or should i say her old blog), and i wanted to offer a more in-depth photographic tie-in to compliment her entries. tomorrow we'll get back to covering fourth of july weekend, etc. for now, in the first of four parts, i give you Bebe's Big Day, or, El Segundo es Muy Bueno!

it all begins with the cake:

even when you take away the color this kid is gorgeous!

"ha-pee bierfday tchooo beeee-beeeee. and mooooooreeeee. ha-pee bierfday, eat cake."
that's the song she's been singing since last weekend.

i think these pretty much speak for themselves.

because of bebe's allergies, the cake recipe is vegan (no eggs, dairy), so it's cool to lick the spoon (and bowl, and floor, and some you spilled on your diaper...)!

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