Friday, July 23, 2010


getting back the chronological order of things, we finish up the birthday bash with the last party at grammie and grandpa glen's house!

people often ask us how we live with this kid. one day at a time, we tell them. one day at a time.

"get all the pictures you can. i don't think i'm keeping this hat on for very long."

i don't blame you. it kind of clashes with the outfit.

okay- into the car we go!

"oooooohhhwheeeeee! it's hella hot up in this piece! drop me a window, mamma jamma!"

"yeah, that's more like it! i like to get my wind on while i'm reading."

"nuthin' but a g thang, baybeee! death row is the label that paaaaaays me!"

this. kid. is. too. much.

and just when you think she can't push it any further:

she turns it up to eleven.

"11.5, homes."
okay, 11.5.

kung fu is my co-pilot.

grammie has some great flowers out front this year:

after we said hi to everyone, we headed outside to play ball.

that lasted about ten seconds.

bye, ball. nice knowing you.

lily doesn't quite get what playing ball is about. it's not as much fun if you both hog and eat the ball.

auntie ash and uncle seth. represent.

oh boy. grammie and grandpa glen have a pool! time to suit up.

birthday suit up!

i was in the pool the entire time, hence no documentation. thankfully, auntie ash is quite the shutterbug and took plenty! thanks, auntie!

after our swim, it was lunch time!

and after lunch time, it was present time!

whoa! a firetruck! the first of many presents from auntie ash and uncle trev (sadly both grandpa glen and uncle trev had to work, so we didn't get to see them. hopefully next time! we missed you guys)!

and a drum from uncle seth! thanks uncle seth!

great gram gave bebe this cute dress!

in the super-excitement dept., grammie, gandpa, and auntie jamie all gave bebe a play pen and high chair for her dolls! in the last week or so both of these items have been in heavy play rotation. thanks, family!

great aunt diane and great uncle chuck gave bebe three new stuffy guys (i only got pics of these two)!

she got some books

and this crazy monkey!

and these horrible shoes! they look cute on her, i have to admit. i hate to admit.

she got a cool bubble gun that shoots, wait for it, bubbles!

it's hard to argue with that. and it says something about how cute your kid is when they can make that footwear look good.

chasing bubbles with auntie jamie!

and finally, after presents, it was time for cake!

once again, bebe got candle-shy. what kid of mine would be afraid of fire? this one, apparently.

little help.

auntie cut the cake.

bebe ate the cake.

then, in an unprecedented wave of huggishness:

bebe hugged auntie jamie

and uncle seth

and auntie ash

and grammie

and she even had hugs for great grammie, and great uncle chuck! it was a real love massacre!

after we got home, we needed some pool time to cool off.

and for dinner we had some fresh corn on the cob!

this is what the chompers do to corn on the cob. be afraid. be very afraid.

thanks to all of our family and friends who helped celebrate bebe's second birthday! we had a great time seeing everyone, opening presents, and eating cake! see you next year!

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