Tuesday, July 20, 2010

the longest parade: pt 2

not quite half-way through, and we're a rag-tag looking bunch:

but wait- who is this? who has appeared out of nowhere to bolster our spirits? to give us the hope and energy to go on?

non other than captain colonial!
mems and bebe squealed in appreciation.

dr. steve!

for every large float that passed

we had hopes that they'd get stuck directly between us and the unmerciful sun.

no such luck. thanks a lot, america. you jerk.

lucky for beebs she's as small as she is.

all she needs is a daddy for some instant shade.

these are the members of the world famous Dalton, MA fire dept.

aside from being sharp dressers

...they also bust cartwheels!

i was a little a little bummed since it's the year of the tiger, and this is a dragon

but it is the celebratory animal so i guess it makes sense. also, mommy is a dragon. and these days everything is about mommy, so there you go.

everyone has that one thing- being struck by lightning, spiders, the dark, etc. that they're afraid of.

for mems- Fear, thy name is Shriner.

for someone who shrieks with delight at the presence of a colonial war vet with a giant fuzzy baseball for a head, it seems odd that old men on go-karts would be a bother.

bebe didn't think too much of them either, to tell you the truth. i like their hats.

another float, another missed opportunity for solar salvation. this guy was from Best Buy, and mommy was strangely silent considering that when Ronald McDonald came prancing by she shouted "Corporate America Out of My Parade!" i think this guy may have come through while she was passed out from the heat, so to get her back i stood and yelled "CORPORATE FIRE CRACKER FLOAT THING GO GET LIT BY A FLOAT-LIGHTER, OR MATCH, AND BLOW-UP OUT OF MY PARADE! BUT IN NEW HAMPSHIRE BECAUSE FIREWORKS ARE ILLEGAL IN THE COMMONWEALTH!" awkward.

as bad as we felt, there were so many people marching that were dressed for crisp fall weather (at best) that it was hard to watch some of them. wool vests, full suits... yikes!

and speaking of heat, it was at this point that bebe and mommy finally succumbed and bailed out in an attempt to keep whatever fluids they had left from running directly out of their pores and onto the ground. did i mention it was hot?

that plume-y thing easily adds ten degrees to their body temps. never mind that they're otherwise wearing mostly black. sheesh.

robotic surgery won best float.

eventually, the end came. sounds like a world war two novel, doesn't it?

bye, parade! drive safe.

forget frying an egg(and anyway, bebe is allergic)- that stuff got dropped as an ear of fresh corn. a matter of minutes later...

downtown clears out surprisingly fast.

half-off sponge bob! get 'em while they last!

this is more like what a normal day downtown looks like. minus all of these stragglers.

our awesome hosts.

my country tis' of thee, america. happy birthday!

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