Friday, July 30, 2010

saturdaddyday pt. 3

i found this set kicking around the bottom of my photo library and had somehow never gotten around to posting it. i think it's one of the first times that we took the train downtown. it started off as an innocent trip to the big playground...

"i like swinging okay."

"but i can't help but feel there's more to life than this."

"i mean, really? back and forth? is that it? i..."

"whup, never mind. just some gas."
don't worry, beebs. you're not the first person to mistake a little flatulence for intelligent conversation.

"let's get on with it then. big push, daddy."

a real yardstick measurement of any playground we go to involves going down the big twisty slide. they're high and intimidating, often reserved for big kids, sometimes only accessible via tall ladders or climbing net- the big twisty is a real accomplishment for the little ones.

TA-DAAAAAA! great slide, bebe!

and then it was back up the net for more (she needed some help with the net)!

such a big kid!

once the play ground started to fill up, bebe thought we should get in the orange train. the station is right next door, so we pushed our way over:

we decided we'd go to the duck pond, but first we said good bye to the train that dropped us off:

then it was out onto the street!

first intersection we came to was an ambulance bonus!

bebe assumed pushing duties once we hit the common.

and we sat by the water's edge and watched the ducks swim and look for food.

i think this was her first swan boat sighting. funny how something she doesn't even look at twice, or barely at all, once started out as such a curiosity. she's more jaded than a hipster kickball game.

swing the chains, however, never gets old.

whoa! this time she swung herself right through. which she thought was hilarious.

not as funny as crawling under to get back though.

she wanted to walk a little more, so off we went.

we found this cool statue right before we turned around to head for home. it cracked her up to touch his feet. what a simpleton.

while we wait for our train, we watch the trains on the other side come and go, and practice our "din! ding!" noises to let the people on and off.

hey, it's our train! let's go!

sometimes on our walks, daddy gets an iced coffee

and beebs gets a cool straw. wait till she's old enough for iced coffee. she'll really like the straws then!

word, sucka!

so that's the end of the little back-log of daddy days that i had. tomorrow we'll have some coverage of our first trip this season to the beach, followed by some older stuff that's too cute not to post!

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