Monday, October 22, 2012

13 days of Halloween- day 10!

so first it was the blog, now it's the camera... maybe in my haste to get pics i didn't change settings correctly or something, but a lot of the photos didn't really come out. the plus side is that makes fewer photos for me to fight with the blog about! woohoo! moving on...

tonight, mommy had some stuff to do, and since i knew it was just me and my girls, i decided that we could make our own construction paper jack o'lanterns. elo is always remarking upon the one we carved, and i thought she would have a fun time putting together her own. i cut out a bunch of traditional/non-traditional shapes, and three pumpkins to glue them on to. 

once the supplies were laid out, we got quickly to work!

if you look at bebe's lantern in the above pic, you can see that she starts out quite traditional.

then comes the mustache- she's been really into Dora lately, so maybe he's mexican? is Dora mexican? she strikes me as more central american. does it matter? whatever.

she quickly came to her senses (mustache be damned), and began to randomly pile on the shapes. that's her finished lantern on the left- he's got a stick through one eye, and maybe a giant eyepatch over the other? on the right is elo's, and she pretty much always was going for an H.P. Lovecraftian, horror-that-cannot-be-named, sort of vibe. i really like it. mine, on the top, was kept simple due to the fact that i had to show an example to the girls and a) keep eloise from eating the glue (obviously), and b) keep bebe from feeding glue to eloise. so i ended up with a sort elvis-southpark o'lantern. fine by me!

alrighty then! see you tonight (ahem, tomorrow in all likelihood) for another installment!

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