Friday, October 19, 2012

The Thirteen Days of Halloween-2012!

whew! sure is dark and dusty in this place! hey- i'm at my blog! and i haven't been here for months! no wonder the place is in ruin. cobwebs, spiders, ew- mouse poop... ELOISE! DO NOT EAT THE MOUSE POOP! that kid.

while i've been busy taking tons of pictures and obsessively documenting our life, i've been neglectful in my posting duties. i wish i could say that was going to change, but i'm not. instead, i'm going to spend all that time i'd have to do regular updates and use it to just wish, wish, wish. because if you wish hard enough... you still end up with nothing. where was i? ah, apologies. anyway, we're back at least temporarily, and the reason for that is something we like to call The Thirteen Days of Halloween!

those of you who are new to our ritual can think of it as a spooky sort of Hanukkah- we basically celebrate the Fall and All Hallow's Eve by counting down from thirteen nights back, and each night we either do something holiday related, or the Great Pumpkin visits with little toys and trinkets (if we're spooky enough)!

you can check out last year's countdown starting here. just scroll to the bottom and click on "newer post" to count down to Halloween.

but enough about last year- we've got this year's festivities to kick off- and it all starts with a sacrifice! to start things off, we carve our first Jack o'lantern of the season. and this year is extra special since we'll be carving our own pumpkins, from our own garden! since we have three of different sizes, we're starting with the smallest and working our way up. let's cut!

just like Dexter, first we lay down the plastic.

wake up the knife...

off with his head, er, top!

 then, the slimy fun-ness begins! always fun to scoop out the guts.

and yes, eloise tried eating some. 

one of the last big handfuls... and then on to the face! 

the girls requested we start with a happy face, so jack #1, you're up:

Happy Halloween Season! stay tuned...

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