Monday, October 29, 2012

13 days of halloween- day 3!

welcome, welcome to the third day of halloween! 

bebe! it's time for the crazy eyes! now!

"yes, father"

excellent! again!


now, children! now my little hell-minions! attack your grandmother! tear her to bits!

the jugular, helloise! the jugular! tear it out and bathe in your grandfather's blood! mwuhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahaha! ha. ha ha!

okay, so that's not exactly what happened. but unfortunately something just about as terrible as two demon-possessed children eating their grandparents alive did-

we'll call it: two Dora fanatics, ONE DORA BOOK.

two weeks ago when mommy got a Dora book for bebe and a spider book for elo it all made perfect sense. it was a simpler time. in the two weeks following that innocuous event, eloise had become obsessed with Dora as well. 

so when the lights came up on the third night of halloween, there was a little static over who would get the Dora book.

luckily, they were able to look at it together (as long as bebe was in charge)-

big sister even "shared" the stickers, er, sticker with her little sister.


the spider book got about three seconds of love.

poor spider book. 

almost candy and costume time! stay with us!

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