Saturday, October 27, 2012

13 days of halloween- day 5!

night #5 was really fun because we had aunt marge, uncle ben, and cousin oscar visiting from brooklyn!

they got right into the action with us-

(i'm not exactly sure why, but the ladies almost always face the wrong direction once we turn the lights out. little weirdos.)

and at some point eloise just disappeared. we found her snuggling with uncle ben.

this might be my favorite pic so far.

when beebs finally made her way back to the pumpkin...

she found  these cool sticky mice and eyeballs! the eyeballs were a huge hit, and, well, i'll just let the following series speak for itself:

wow. who the hell was that guy?

sticky eyeballs rolling down the wall...


then bebe got in on the goofy eye action:

holy moly.

elo ended up with one stuck to her boiler.

and once more to this guy, as we head into the final stretch of days!

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