Saturday, October 20, 2012

13 days of Halloween- day 12!

well, i guess it's fitting to the season and subject matter, but getting these posts up has been a nightmare!  for whatever reason, blogger has seemed to change their code, making it nearly impossible, and incredibly frustrating, to get pics up and layed out correctly. it's taken me all day and about 7 tries to get this post up. maybe once this series is done it will be time to contemplate a move someplace else. i don't understand how things could get changed to so completely screw up what used to work fine.

anyway. night number 12 brings us two skelekiddies:

as uncle fudge likes to say: ridiculous.

 the present tonight was a set of spoooooky stencils! we're artsy up in this bitch.

but first- it's time to light the jack o'lantern and bust out our best and spookiest scray noises!

(which we do with all the lights off, save jack. the o'lantern.)

elo was a little spooked herself by all of bebe's sudden howling and freaky dancing, but she eventually got what it was all about. and when the lights came on-

it was present time.

 "i can't eat these. i tried."

"seriously. i bit one. i can't eat these. what are they?"

mommy got right to work showing the girls how cool stencils are! 

my future urban vandals!

my favorite of the night was this skull that bebe did! scary!

and one more time, the skelekiddos!

see you next time! 

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  1. Love it! They are so cute. Well done, josh on the site. Don't know anything about web design, so I can't help you there.

    Chris Sisto