Wednesday, October 24, 2012

13 days of Halloween- day 8!

oh, the eighth day of halloween... elo has finally gotten her scream on.

she's put together a mean set of oohhhhs and aahhhhhhs 

and finally earned her rookie stripes.


yep, you.

bebe has gotten smarter this year as well- she's figured out that after only a few seconds of screeching she can go back to the lantern to check to see if there's anything there. if there is, she just stops.

which is the point. except she then leaves the rookie hanging. bebe sees there's something there, and elo just goes on a'screaming. oh rookie.

tonight it was stickers in some festive cups!

the ladies went right to work, peeling off stickers and sticking them everywhere. eloise didn't even eat any!

i don't remember why eloise started crying, but she did- 

but it was nothing some pit raspberries couldn't fix!

a rare upper-chomper sighting!

meanwhile, it was time to put ol' jack out to pasture. he served us well.

we lit one more candle, and found a comfy place by the front door. 

this was bebe's sticker/cup mash-up - cool!

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