Sunday, October 21, 2012

13 days of Halloween- Day 11!

well, one day in and eloise is fully on board with the spooky noises exercise. i'm actually not sure how much noise she's making, but she's no longer freaked out by the dancing, howling big sister next to her:

on this night, all that ruckus brought some fun Halloween books:

elo got the classic "five little pumpkins" which caused mommy to immediatley break into song (she's always looking for an excuse)-

and immediately proceeded to read through it her favorite way these days- upside down. SHE'S A GENIUS! so what if she eats her own boogers- wait! SHE'S A GENIUS! WHO RECYCLES! 
way to go "green" eloise!

bebe has been really into the berenstain bears- when i learned to read, it was a berenstain bear book that was my first. a better way to have said that might have been 'the first book i learned to read was a berenstain bears book,' though apparently what they taught me was poor grammar and exposition. also,  i was dissapointed years later, having always called them the berenstein bears, to discover they were not jewish. i had just gotten used to the idea, that's all. i got over it. mostly. 

she got a cool "ghost of the forest" book that came with two pages of stickers! i'm not sure why, but parents, and future parents, take note: ONE sheet of stickers to a four year-old is like finding 5 bucks on the ground- pretty cool! TWO sheets of stickers is like WINNING THE LOTTERY! if you can swing it, i highly recommend you splurge on the extra stickers. it will blow their little minds. totally worth it.

delays persist, but so do i! stay tuned, Halloweenies!

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