Wednesday, October 28, 2009

the thirteen days of halloween: days four and three

in the midst of the thirteen days of halloween, basketball season started, and i kind of like basketball. a little. so for the first two games of the season, i went to auntie ashley's house to watch our team, the celtics, begin their eighteenth championship season. auspicious.

however, this kept me out of the house for the two nights that i otherwise would have given beebs her halloween presents. this meant having to double up a day of presents to stay on track, and so here are the fourth and third days of halloween:


"no, seriously. wtf."

"ahhhhhh! a spider!"

hey bebe? it's not a real spider.


it is kind of scary looking though.

and it comes with this cool cup!

okay, okay, i bought this one for me.

technically, i bought it all for me. this stuff is great.

nothing says halloween like a hairy spider in a skull-shaped cup!

while fun at first, bebe has essentially no interest in her halloween presents, which is what i mostly expected. and that's okay. we're starting a tradition this year and it's one of those things that i always said would be cool and that i wished someone would have done for me as a kid, and here i am, a dad, and i'm doing it (pats self on back). good enough. what do you think bebe?

"hey! is that a hairy spider in a skull-shaped cup? awesome!"

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