Saturday, October 24, 2009

the thirteen days of halloween: day seven

if you watch NBA basketball at all, then you're probably familiar with their community service program, NBA Cares. well, in honor of the seventh day of halloween, and also the start of a new b-ball season, we're calling today's entry:

NBA Scares!

because if you're any other team in the league but boston, then you're scared to play us. that's right.

we've got the newest little recruit, a rookie standing at two-foot six and three quarters.

we call her the lean, mean, green string bean. she's a tenacious defender.

hey beebs! when you're done warming up, why don't you show us some of your ball handling skills?

"well, if you think you can handle it..."

"here we go."

for someone who's only twice the size of a regulation ball, she handles it deftly.

"yeah, check it out- i've been working on my cross-over!"

"gotta work on keeping my mouth closed when i dribble though..."

"annnnnd- ole!"
you're a basketball player, not a bull fighter.

"uh... cha cha cha?"
a flamenco dancer?

"daddy, basketball might be too hard for me. i just can't seem to get it!"
don't worry bebe. i'm sure you'll figure it out.

"really? you really think so?"

"i said- really? you really think so?"

"are you gonna take the picture or what? my face is starting to get sore."
i already took two!

"oh jeeze! sorry daddy! i didn't realize!"
that's okay- but how about one more?

"man, my face is really killing me. i don't think i can squeeze out another smile. what can i do? hey, i know!"

"how's this?"
perfect bebe. thanks!

"and how about an action shot? this is my no look pass!"

"whoops. i passed it to the table. i guess i should get my 'look' pass down first."

"practice, practice, practice! the rest of the league better look out! by the end of the season i could have added another inch and a half to my game!"

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