Thursday, October 1, 2009

needham by way of guatemala- pt1

last saturday was a great day because bebe's second cousins from guatemala are in town, and we got to visit with them ahead of cousin kayala's baptism, taking place on saturday.

while in the car on the way over, she found the photo "book" that mommy has on her key ring. there are two pages, one with a picture of mommy and daddy, and the other with a picture of bebe. she held it open and pointed at each picture, repeating "mommy. daddy. bebe."

i love taking pictures of this kid in the car!

and the close-ups!

and now, presenting bebe's first ever photographs! i had planned to start her out on traditional film, but these are okay too.

great shots!

once we got to jerry and kirstin's house in needham, bebe wasted no time in getting to know her first, second cousin, chely. and look who else showed up! it's mems and teed! what the heck are they doing there! are we all related or something?

practicing her tai chi. it's very important to stay centered.

at one point we had to separate mems from chely and bebe:

"no no no, you dumb kids! they don't go together like that!"

"just give them to me. it's obvious you've never played with bowls before. savages."

just kidding.

here we all are sitting down to dinner. except me. i'm standing. and not in the picture.

kayala (accent on the last 'a'- i'm stupid and don't know how to add accents on the keyboard) is a doorbell. she was really good natured, very engaging (just like her big sister was at her age) and very, very ugly. kidding again. she was freakin' cute. and hairy. like her papa.

where the heck did these two sulky teenagers come from?
"dude, i could totally be boarding right now." "this is so dumb, omg, lol, wtf."

ha ha. i'm full of jokes today. actually aunt marge and uncle ben drove all the way from NYC to hang out with the family. it's always great to see those two, and aunt marge wasted no time at all grabbing hold of kayala and squuuuueeeeeeezzzzing her. baby fever? hmmmm...

coming soon- pt 2!

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