Monday, October 5, 2009


hey bebe. what are you up to there? doing some coloring?

"uh, yeah."
looking for that particular color you need to finish this piece? that one shade that will tie everything together?

"you could say that."

"i know it's in here somewhere."

"last time i was coloring, i put them all away."

"it should be in here."

"i've taken almost all of them out."
maybe you can blend two of the other ones together to get the color you need?

"mmm, nope. that wouldn't be the same."
you artistic types are so temperamental.

"whatever. ah, here it is. better test it to make sure."

"yup, black."
oh, good choice. daddy's favorite.

"it's one of the ones i haven't tried yet."

"oh. that's no good. that's just awful!"
beatrix marie! the last crayon you 'tasted' made you cry! the blue one, remember?
"yeah. i think i'm going to cry this time too. how do other kids eat these things?"
just wait 'till you can try paste. that's the good stuff.

in case you all were curious, this is the picture bebe was working on. it's her ode to fall...

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