Monday, October 26, 2009

the thirteen days of halloween: day six

for the sixth day of halloween, we went to the annual lantern festival at jamaica pond. it's a fun night of walking around the pond at night with home made lanterns, and lots of the kids wear their halloween costumes. this year, bebe is a beebee. ha ha. i'm so dumb. anyway, i know readers just love my wit and commentary, but in light of how behind i could potentially become, i'm going to limit myself to some brief captions and let the pics tell the story. don't worry though, i'll be back to blabbing in no time.

i kept saying that with that black turtleneck, her back-up costume was a "beetnick."

waiting for our neighbor, and bebe's best friend, euan.

oh man, here he comes! let's go!

while lots of the trees at mems and teed's have lost their leaves, the trees here are still changing colors.

there was a definite halloween-y type vibe in the air...

and as we walked we were treated to some beautiful sunset clouds.

when we got to the pond, it wasn't quite dark yet, but there were already a ton of people walking with their lanterns.

this is the name of the community group that puts this whole thing together. they put on events all year long.

ah! a bee!


"i don't see any bees, but there's a really big spider over there!"

that's no spider, it's your birthday buddy morrie!

morrie and bebe represented the insect kingdom...

while euan carried the lanterns.

after it got dark and people started making their way around the pond, you could look across from wherever you were and see an illuminated trail of lights.

by the time we got home, bebe had had enough of her costume.

"get this freakin' thing offa me!"

fine, there. now why don't you go write a poem about it or something.

"fine, i will. as soon as i find my beret."

"has anyone seen my beret?"

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