Sunday, October 18, 2009

early release

one day last week, mommy had an appointment towards the end of my day, so i got out of work a little early to play with bebe while mommy took care of business. after being at sucky work all day, spending an hour at the playground on a crisp fall day was just what i needed. even better- bring bebe!

she was dressed for some serious playground action. big thanks to grampa steve for the cool nikes!

playground gangsta'.

the kid is crazy for swings. crazy. for swings.

once i got her away from the swings, it was all slide. what makes the slide so awesome is that to get up to the slide, you ave to use the stairs. it's a two-for-one!

up the stairs

-down the slide.

up the stairs

-down the slide!

and now a real pickle- more slide, or back to the swings?

interlude: gratuitous mullet shot.



she tossed in some rocket-ship action to throw me off.

one quick turn playing in the dirt

...and then off to pick up mommy. thanks for the great playdate!

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