Friday, October 2, 2009

needham, by way of guatemala- pt2

after barely a beer, chely was passed out

...while her little sister kayalà was going strong.

lookit those guys. all three of them. i love them.

aunt marge isn't the only one with kayala inspired baby fever.


uncle ben, put down that baby! men can't have babies. no baby fever for you.

and now it's time for a visit to the "love" department. bebe can be tough to get close to. she guards that little heart of hers like the precious and valuable resource it is. but every once in a while, if you're patient and persistent, she'll let you in:

looks like mems is reaping the reward that comes of mutual adoration.

"pssst! daddy! did you get the pic yet? i gotta go read a book!"
all set, beebs.

meanwhile, uncle ben was still handling that baby. i think if you took all the hair on his face, and the hair on his head, it still wouldn't add up to all of the hair that she has. i've never seen so much hair on one baby.

hey, uncle ben!

uncle ben?


oh, you three.

and what about these two?

bebe put in some serious inheritance time with her teed.

she then commenced to eat an entire watermelon, all by her little self.

mmmm. one in hand, and one on deck.

"wait a sec. "

"this is the last of the watermelon?"

"i think you'd better go ahead and run out for more watermelon."


teed: "can you get my car keys?"

"she's just about done with this piece."

thanks for the watermelon, and thanks for introducing us to the newest member of the family!

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