Sunday, October 25, 2009

special post

there's a lot of material for posts these days, and i know we're right in the middle of the thirteen days of halloween, but we need to interrupt these blog posts with three (technically four) special announcements. the first is that, as some of you are already aware, uncle ben proposed to aunt marge this weekend! we were all pretty sure that they were going to end up getting hitched- as such, we've been calling him uncle ben since they first got together. but now it's official- bebe can't wait for her uncle ben to become legit! i never would have imagined another guy who would come along and fit into the family in the way that i feel i do, but uncle ben is that guy. what are the odds? i'm awesome, uncle ben is awesome... the mind boggles!

okay, the other three special announcements are really three different versions of the same kind of event. in a word- POTTY. beatrix marie is rocking along at fifteen months old, and this morning, while i was sleeping in, i was told that she had peed on her potty! no effing way! but then later that day, for the second time...

"ummmm... there's something in my potty."

hey! it's your pee! did you just put that there?

"yeah. it came from my bottom."

awesome! high five!

and again that night, before bed...

are you kidding me? three times in one day?

totally naked high five!

congratulations aunt marge and uncle ben, and congratulations, bebe! okay, back to the regular posts!

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