Tuesday, November 17, 2009

auntie's weekend

while this post is entitled "auntie's weekend," it does not actually feature any aunties, real or imagined. the weekend featured our friends and newlyweds auntie kate and auntie alden. we had invited them to our palatial estate in the mountains of eastern mass, and they gladly said "sure." unfortunately, and somehow impossibly, i didn't take a single picture of them, either with bebe or by themselves. when i looked back at the pics i couldn't really believe it, but i didn't take many pics that weekend anyway. sometimes it's nice to just enjoy the time and not obsess about all of the necessary documentation... wait, what the hell am i saying? i'm really sorry and it won't happen again.

at any rate, here are the non-auntie pics from our auntie's weekend:

big excitement! there was a baby tractor on the premises, and once bebe spotted it, we knew we'd end up taking her down to check it out.

i love tearing this stuff apart!

bebe on board.

"hmm. how can i fall on this thing and poke both my eyes out?"

"maybe if i come at it from this angle..."

a bow and a mullet. does it get any better than this?

"mommy, i think you're sitting on a dead mouse."

the estate.

bebe got a huge kick out of running down the driveway, and then kicked and screamed when mommy hauled her back up.

a little fall flavor. and speaking of flavor, who's that rolling around on the dog bed?

oh, hi bebe.

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