Sunday, November 15, 2009

the bishops pt 2

okay, this is part two- not that it matters, but if you like to do things in order, scroll way down and "read" pt 1 first. if you're some kind of blog reading lunatic, continue as you were, all willy-nilly and stuff.

the next morning i stepped out the front door and saw all these great colors right across the street:

bebe has been going through a mommy-only phase, which secretly i love because what it basically means is that any time she's irritated or wants something, i don't even have to pause my playstation game. she goes right to her mother. that "bonding" stuff is overrated anyway. this is a rare pic of bebe letting someone else hold her. of course, this person happens to be one of the best moms we know so it's not that strange to us...

yeah, you saw that right. the taj mahal AND the eiffel tower. together, just like that. it's the buddy cop picture you never saw coming:

ET: this guy's got a rap sheet a mile long. be ready for anything.
TM: wait, it's my turn to kick the door in!
ET: i'm prettty sure you got to kick the door in last time...
TM: no way pal. last time you got to work the siren and kick the door in!
ET: how about if i let you date my sister?
TM: the one with the mustache?
ET:my other sister.
TM: can i fire my gun into the ceiling after we get in there?
ET: i guess...
TM: deal!
(together): GO!

where were we?

one of the side benefits of working at LEGO, besides hairstyles you can change at will, is having access to all the cool sets. these were really cool, and hard not to smash. bebe wasn't all that interested in them though.

back in the car and out for another walk!

half way to where?

andrew hung back with us and took some pics of his own

...while his dad tim scouted up ahead.

this tree had one giant testicle. i'm pretty sure that's what it was. a testicle. made of wood. and covered in bark. a testicle. one.


Ranger McColdtrail required many, many "rest" breaks. let's keep it moving, Ranger.

on to pt 3! blogging is awesome!

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