Wednesday, November 4, 2009


like mommy, i am so back logged on posts it's not even funny. okay, it's kind of funny. anyway, we're headed to DC to visit with friends for the next couple of days, and you know what that means- inevitably more pictures, for more posts, putting me further behind. this blog is a real chore. i like the idea of keeping the blog current, but maybe that's not the way to do it? maybe i should just get in the habit of posting whatever, whenever? i don't know. i'm going to try to continue to post while we're away, but in the meantime, here's beebs, being a bee for halloween...

our chomp o'lantern didn't last very long this year...

mommy and bebe headed out on their own, so i could stay home and... finish a blog post! which i did.

when i got to the tot lot, bebe was an entire fist into a muffin of some kind. the kid loves carbs.

"hmmm. who should i sting?"

"huh. the kid dressed as the skunk, for sure."

making a break for it!

not so fast!

better hold hands with mommy and daddy, little bee!

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