Sunday, November 15, 2009

the bishops pt 3

the last part of our walk took us past the old insane asylum where the ghostly screams of its, uh, ghostly inhabitants could be heard, sort of. okay not really at all. and it was actually a state hospital, not an insane asylum. but it's focus was on treating mental illness, and thanks to budget cuts in the eighties it was forced to close. that meant that any of the "crazy" people that didn't have other places to go or who didn't have family to take care of them were just kicked out onto the streets of the town, where they became "eccentric" homeless people, which is so much more better than just being a regular old alcoholic homeless person. those people smell and aren't even interesting. Northampton is so totally lucky to have all of its homeless people be the crazy kind- it's what makes it such an interesting place! and you thought it was the lesbians...

oh. it's just me. ha ha ha, scared ya'.

the state is using the land to build nice new affordable housing. it was a little weird walking through the grounds and seeing new homes and apartment buildings standing next to these sinister old hospital buildings. this was totally lost on bebe, of course. i swear, the kid just doesn't pay attention.

what bebe did love was the wide-open space to run around in.

one more shot of the ol' eiffel tower...

and then it was time to hit the road. must be nap time!

some of you have asked if beatrix still has those big front teeth with the huge gap between them:

thanks to the bishops for walking us, feeding us, and not letting us pee on the rug. can't wait to see you guys again soon!

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