Sunday, November 15, 2009


look! it's another one of those not-an-update updates! awesome!

i spent a good amount of time up-loading pics yesterday, and later today i'm going to start posting. we'll be playing catch up from as far back as columbus day weekend (yikes!) so i may do a few posts a day to get up to speed. there are a TON of pics and since those are way more interesting than anything i have to blab about, some or most of these posts will be mostly pics. some, most, mostly. jeeze. having said that, i'll still find a way to be my ol' verbose, blustery self- don't worry. but if the lack of text bothers you, just pretend that i'm away, and you're blog-sitting. help yourself to what's in the fridge and don't forget to water the plants. also, the screen door on the back porch sticks a bit so be careful as you come and go. key's under the mat...

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