Monday, November 16, 2009


i've got a couple more visits from friends/trip entries, but i thought i would balance out the longer ones with some short ones in between. today, it's all about the underworld, and i couldn't be happier that the spawn of my loins has discovered and loves persephone's fruit of choice.

one of the advantages of being a big girl is not always having to sit in your high chair to have a snack. bebe's often allowed a bowl of something tasty if she can plant her bottom on the kitchen floor. i make mommy eat there too.

oh, hi mommy. didn't see you there.

careful there, kiddo. your personal trainer, chad randy, called. he says you've skipped your last couple of appointments. he's worried you might be getting soft in the middle. if you lean back too far...

"ha ha ha! that's ridiculous! abs of steel! i've got abs of steel!"



one for mommy

...and one for bebe.

y'know bebe, pomegranates are really good for you.

"oh yeah?"

yeah. they're a rich source of anti-oxidants.


"i shoulda' been eating these ten minutes ago!"

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