Sunday, November 15, 2009

the bishops pt 1

alright- rapid fire blog posts, like a drive-by shooting (i was in one, once, btw).

here we go with big post number one from columbus day weekend, our visit with our good friends the bishops!

car rides are strategically scheduled around nap time these days...

however, some times the rides are longer than the naps and the co-pilot and navigator need other ways to pass the time while the pilot sits up front all by herself. stickers on the face never gets old. and purely as an aside having nothing to do with any of this, transformers 2 sucked. but it was weird, because i've never been so bored watching things blow up. it even had the hot chick and giant robots. how can you go wrong with that formula?

anyway, being the beginning of the fall season, we wanted to make sure that we got lots of walks in. if you're bebe, that meant getting lots of carries in.

we were at the top long enough to snap some pics and take a look around before little ranger Scat McColdtrail had us marching right back down again. scat is poop.

but there were plenty of "nipple" breaks, though no nipples were harmed during the filming of this trip. breaks, right? broken, as in broken nipples? get it?

while occupying the life guard chair, nolan didn't look all that prepared to save bailey, the family dog, as she paddled around in that cold water.

beebs trying out a new hairstyle.

bebe and daddy, the trees and the sky.

perfect hoodie weather, my favorite!

we saw lots of pretty leaves, a waterfall, and these cool looking mushrooms. i wasn't going to let her try them, but bebe's mommy said it was okay. just kidding.

pt 2, coming soon!

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