Friday, November 13, 2009


dear mommy, on your birthday-

you continue to surprise me, and to teach me, and to guide me. i feel so fortunate to have someone beside me to learn from, who i respect and consider my equal. you've given me so much over the years, but not nearly as much as in the last sixteen months. you are beautiful and strong in ways you don't even realize, and i love you so much. you are the perfect partner to parent with, and everyday i stop to appreciate how lucky i am. i could never do this with any other person, let alone by myself. you are my strength when i need it, my conscience when i'm obnoxious, and my brain when i'm an asshole. it happens sometimes, nobody's perfect. there is no way to thank you for all that you do, or for the person you are, or for how much you mean to me and bebe marie. we're so glad you were born (all those long years ago...).

today, mommy turns larry bird (or jason varitek)! herpey burpdat, mommy! see you at sixty-six!

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